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How can one go about teaching soft skills in today's fast paced work environment? We must remember that soft skills training takes finesse because despite the misnomer they are not really skills at all. They are actually interpersonal tendencies and some of them have some pretty useful unique qualities we will do well to teach our employees to develop. When it does come to soft skills especially for today's millennial generation, we should make sure that all tools like learning management systems and training software solutions are at their disposal to provide value or else not only do they loose their vital workplace skills, but most likely they are going to be crippled should they decide to set up their own businesses.

So when the inevitable question comes up about who or which employee can be trained to take over leadership, will you have a ready answer? Can you truly teach an employee to become a leader and take over? What are some of the qualities inside and out that you will need to see in an individual to enable them to become leadership material? How do you go about coming up with a matrix of the kinds of intrinsic qualities that you will need?

At Joshuasonlinetraining we strive to provide employees and company personnel with some powerful tools to enhance their everyday performance matrices. What are the key performance indicators that will enable the top organizations to continue to excel and push the envelop while some of the mediocre ones wallow in despair bumbling from one crisis to the next? What long term talent management strategy that couple extended enterprise learning with basic corporate development programs will enable today's global titans and local darlings to compete effectively in this hyper-competitive world?

When it comes to how the debate on teaching and evaluating soft skills is being waged, I think there is much to be desired. Folks on both sides of this debate tend to overlook the core components of training and of course adult learning strategies with its own idiosyncracies have to be coupled with the ability to get the job done and provide value to various stakeholders. In addition to the debate of whether or not it is even possible to teach soft skills, there is also the issue of measurability. With hard skills it is fairly easy to test for comprehension, whether it is in the form of a quiz, or simply by looking at job performance. So how do you begin to measure whether or not your soft skills-based eLearning is even having an effect?

While there are challenges in every learning and training environment, in reality it is possible to foster the development of soft skills in your employees using the latest in learning management system technologies, but the approach to this training and development is unique and should be treated as such, particularly when compared to training and eLearning utilized to teach hard skills.

Some of our colleagues oftentimes forget that for any training to be success the right systems have to be put in place. I am talking using the best project management software tools to assemble the best resources to ensure that success is delivered with the time is right.

How can one go about seeing that soft skills that cannot be overlooked—in fact, wide-reaching research shows soft skills are not only absolutely necessary in today’s workplace, but they are also one of the areas in which Millennials are most lacking. News happens everyday. The elearning industry news is changing and it is important to stay on top of the latest elearning news.

These new employees entering the workforce have more education and more impressive resumes than any generation before in many cases, but they are falling short in their careers because of their lack of the necessary soft skills. Millennials have grown up in an environment dependent on technology that eliminates the need for face-to-face encounters and interpersonal relationships, and the result is a workforce devoid of what is needed to advance forward. How can we go about knowing what kinds of standards and business technologies our competitors use to ensure they maintain their edge? Well do you think having the right team available to train and equip your staff before you go invest in expensive tech will help meet your goals?